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Welcome back to Peach Princess,
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Eroge News from the Princess...

Welcome to the brand new version of Peach Princess! We hope you'll take a moment to explore the new site. As you look around you'll see that we've upgraded the entire shop interface to the same sleek, friendly look you're used to at our parter sites JAST USA and G-Collections, so now it's easier than ever to experience Peach Princess and our great line of games from makers like Crowd (Tokimeki Check-in!, the X-Change series), Will (Yume Miru Kusuri, Princess Waltz), and TOP (the Moero! Downhill Night series).

We're also happy to be able to bring you preorder listings for our other recent announcements from the newly formed JAST Densetsu brand, including My Girlfriend is the President, Aselia the Eternal, and (when preorders are available) School Days! You can access the preorder pages for these games at the JAST Densetsu section of the shop.

Last but not least, Deus Machina Demonbane is coming your way from Nitroplus and JAST USA! Order your copy now to receive this exciting tale of Lovecraftian super robot adventure as soon as possible after release.

Please enjoy your stay at the new Peach Princess, and come visit us again soon!

A Note to our Customers

Thank you for your continued support of Peach Princess and the visual novels we localize and bring to you from Japan. As we make this transition to the new site and shop system, we've had to wipe our old database of customer profiles for purposes of order placement (rest assured that we still have records of your past purchases and download codes in our local system, should you ever need to have them re-sent). Registration at the new site is not required, but if you'd like to speed your future purchases we're asking all customers to take a moment and re-register for the site.

Thanks again, and we wish you the best in your bishoujo game life!